Brighton Wool and Honey Co. Ohio's Best Raw, Organically Raised Honey
  • Raw Wildflower Honey, 8 oz


    Our own raw, organically raised, wildflower honey takes its flavor from the fields, flowers and trees of That'll Do Farm in rural Northeastern Ohio. 

    The bees are enjoying their days gathering nectar and pollen from our organically grown fruits and vegetables, native perennials and herbs to give us honey with a slight  floral/herbal note that is quite crisp and light. 

    Honey has a "terroir" or "taste of place" --  meaning honey will taste differently from season to season, year to year, even farm to farm. The honey takes on the taste of what the bees are eating, the soil, the water, the amount of rain we've had each season. 

    Enjoy this honey in tea, with figs or cheeses, in salad dressings or with your morning pancakes. We've been known to eat it straight out of the jar!

    8 oz. glass jar.