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  • Raw Wildflower Honey, 1 lb.


    Have you ever had really good honey? Like, noticeably, distinctively better than any other honey you've ever tried? Well, let us introduce you to our very own raw, wildflower organically raised honey! 

    Not all honey is created equal. Most honey you find in the grocery store is one of many things; it is either pasteurized removing all of its natural goodness, chemically treated, or sugar fed instead of allowing the bees to draw nectar from the plants blooming in its environment. We do things differently. 

    We use organic beekeeping leaving the bees to do exactly as nature intended thus producing, pure raw unprocessed honey straight from the hive to the bottle. The bees enjoy their days gathering nectar and pollen from our organically grown fruits and vegetables, native perennials and herbs to give us honey that changes in color and flavor seasonally.  

    Pure honey has a "terroir" or "taste of place" --  meaning honey will taste differently from season to season, year to year, even farm to farm.  The raw honey takes on the taste of what the bees are eating which changes based on the soil, the water and the amount of rain we've had each season. 

    All we can say is catch it while you can! Honey, like most natural resources, is finite and each harvest is unique. We recommend resupplying every few months in order to try all of the subtle nuances our honey takes on. 

    Enjoy our pure raw honey spooned in tea, drizzled over fruit and cheese plates, mixed in salad dressings and marinades, slathered over your morning pancakes or my personal favorite, made into a simple syrup and shaken with tequila and fresh lime juice served over ice. Just remember when in doubt, put a little honey on it!

    Benefits of Honey:

    • Rich in antioxidants to fight against free radicals
    • Seasonal allergy relief when taking local honey 
    • Antimicrobial - can be used as slow release hydrogen peroxide on cuts and burns
    • Soothes sore throats and cough
    • Sugar substitute especially helpful for weight management and controlling blood sugar
    • Excellent fuel source for before and after workouts 
    • Skin cleansing, soothing and nourishing when used as face wash

    1 lb. glass jar.

    Ever tried BEE POLLEN? It's a wonderful compliment to an all natural lifestyle!