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  • Organic Elderberry Syrup and Raw Honey Kit


    Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit + 8 oz. Raw Wildflower Honey

    Imagine the rich, deep, spiced berry scent of Organic Elderberries, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger simmering on the stove filling your home with the unmistakable aroma of autumnal evenings snuggled in wool sweaters looking out as the sunsets over the slowly changing, falling leaves. 

    This is the smell of homemade, organic elderberry syrup.

    Its dark purple hue gives away elderberries' densely powerful immune boosting qualities. As you strain the berries, the (temporary) currant colored stain on your hands will further entice the senses knowing these powerhouse berries will empower the body to ward off viruses and invigorate the immune system unlike any health supplement you've ever tried. We're serious. This stuff works!

    Once your intensely violet superfood syrup has cooled, add as much raw, organically raised wildflower honey as you want to take your new best friend to a previously unfathomable level of super-human nutrition. Our raw wildflower honey is raised organically, never sugar-fed, and never heated or treated. It comes straight from the hive to the bottle with every ounce of goodness still intact. Our honey is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and bee pollen for an even BIGGER, better immune boost. 

    Pour into a mason jar, put a tight lid on top, place in the refrigerator and proudly gaze upon your gorgeous jar of absolutely amazing organic elderberry syrup every time you open the door. But wait! First, take a big ole swig because your taste buds deserve a sample of this delicious, rich, life-changing goodness. 1 tbsp per day is recommended for daily maintenance, but feel free to take as much as you want as often as you want. Your body will thank you, reallllllly thank you. 

    This kit makes approx. 16 oz. of syrup.

    Elderberry Syrup Cocktail

    1 tbsp. Elderberry Syrup

    1 squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice

    1 oz. Gin (or more)

    Topped with sparkling water

    Stir all ingredients gently over ice. Enjoy!