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  • Raw Lavender Infused Honey, 8 oz.


    We've taken our own raw, wildflower honey and infused it with the subtle, yet distinct, taste of lavender. 

    Our organically raised bees are enjoying the Northern Ohio sunshine and are busy gathering nectar from the farm's organically grown fruits and vegetables, native perennials and herbs and have given us a honey with a floral/herbal note that is quite light and crisp.

    Honey has a "terroir" or "taste of place" -- meaning honey from our farm will taste different than honey from another farm in a different location. The bees are eating different things, the soil is different and so is the water, so it makes sense that the honey will take on a unique taste from each location. 

    And to this unique and flavorful honey,  we've added a light, subtle infusion of lavender,  giving our wildflower honey an extra element. This infusion adds just enough zip to make recipes more fun and interesting, and to expand your honey repertoire to a whole new level. 

    Enjoy in tea, over a fresh fruit and nut bowl, in a salad dressing or with your morning pancakes. We've even been known to eat it straight out of the jar!

    Wildflower honey, lavender oil

    8 oz. glass jar