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  • Pure Raw Ohio Bee Pollen


    Raw, Pure Ohio Bee Pollen 

    What is bee pollen, anyway?

    Bee pollen is small granules of plant pollen collected by the bees as the fly from blossom to blossom. Leaving the hive with a small amount of honey on their legs, the plant pollen collects on their legs as they land on each blossom and is carried with them back to the hive. 

    Bee pollen is a complete food. The human body requires 22 basic elements and bee pollen contains them all. Some elements you may recognize, such as B vitamins, free amino acids, folic acid, enzymes and antioxidants. Scientific studies have found that a person could live on a diet of bee pollen and water alone.

    Benefits of Bee Pollen:

    • Increase energy levels
    • Build up immunity
    • Improve metabolism
    • Treat allergies
    • Aid in weight loss
    • Support cardiovascular health.

    Bee pollen can be eaten by itself, as is.  Start with a few granules at a time. Simply shake them into your hand, toss them into your mouth and follow with a glass of water. Or you can stir it into yogurt, sprinkle it on a salad or your cereal, mix it into applesauce or a smoothie.

    Because bee pollen consists of plant pollen it is recommended to start very slow with your intake, one pollen granule a day. Slowly increase to two granules, three granules, possibly up to 1 teaspoon or so over time. 

    Keep bee pollen cool and dry. Bee pollen can be stored up to 6 months at room temperature or refrigerated up to 2 years.

    No bees are harmed or disturbed in the process.

    Approx. 3.75 oz., glass jar

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