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Everything we offer, we use on a daily basis. It's healthy, it works and we want to share it with you. 


If you've browsed through our honey pages you've noticed we're into raw honey, and for good reason. Raw honey, particularly organically raised honey like ours, is chock full of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and many healing properties. There are many reasons we love honey and honeybees, and we're certainly not the first to think so. 

3000 year old honey has been discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs and is, oddly enough, still edible due to honey's unique characteristic as the only food that never spoils! Depictions of honeybees were found in hieroglyphics thought to be dated to 3100 BC. Beeswax was found to be used as far back as the Stone Age. 

From the most well-known health experts today to the founders of the 5000 year old practice of yoga and it's sister science, Ayurveda, honey is recommended as one of the most effective, nutritious supplements available. 

Here is a list of our favorite wellness resources and reasons why they love honey too...

With its history, longevity, honeybee culture and nutrition, honey is truly amazing. If anything, it makes a healthy substitute for sugar. We hope you are inspired to make the switch, not just for yourself but for the wondrous honeybees as well. 

Bee Pollen

Packing an even more potent punch than honey is nature's multivitamin, bee pollen. Everything you've ever wanted to know about bee pollen can be found here. All we can say is that we take bee pollen every day and can tell a difference in how we feel now that we do! We do not claim miracles, but we have found it truly helps with energy and stamina, seasonal allergies as well as boosting immunity. After a few weeks of consistent use we found we just feel good! We hope you try it and feel the same! 

Natural Laundry Soap

Why switch to all natural laundry soap? For starters, it works better! We have tried conventional soaps in the past that just don't cut it. We're messy people. And like you, we're busy! We need a hard working soap that simply does the job without any fuss. It's easy. One scoop per load, throw it right on top of the clothes, turn on the machine and let the magic happen. You will find your clothes come out softer, cleaner, brighter and fresh. Not the type of "fresh" synthetic fragrance smell that lingers on your clothes for years, but a truly clean, very light and natural scent, as it should be! 

Some people find conventional laundry detergent to be harsh on the skin sometimes causing allergic reactions. We have found that our soap works well for even the most sensitive of skin with parents even using it for cloth diapers. Just five ingredients go into our all natural laundry soap blend creating the purest, gentlest, most effective laundry soap available. 

So our laundry soap is good for your clothes, good for your skin, but what about the earth? Absolutely! Our laundry soap blend is water runoff safe, environmentally friendly AND as a bonus, you can return your empty jar for $1 off your next jar of soap OR you can give it new purpose by up-cycling or simply recycling. Our all natural laundry soap is already more cost efficient than conventional brands, the jar return discount is a simply a bonus for you and our planet. 

Our culture seems to be shifting towards a more natural lifestyle. For this we are thankful and excited to offer you our pure, hardworking all natural laundry soap as an easy step in the right direction!

Wool Dryer Balls

Complete your all natural laundry experience with wool dryer balls! They reduce drying time, static and wrinkles and also work as a natural fabric softener. You can scent them with essential oils if you like for a little scent boost as well. It IS possible to have fun doing laundry, or at least we can try!